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There is nothing like that eye-popping image of a freshly-painted house. Ever hear that phrase “curb appeal”? Well, when that old paint begins to peel, crack, and fade over the years, it’s time to call a reliable Elite Finishing painting company. It’s time to call Elite Finishing Painters.


Whether it is a historic home in need of finely-detailed exterior trim painting or a family house in need of a fresh update, Elite Finishing Painters is up for the task. Whether the project is on the exterior of a home, such as decks, window frames, or the entire house, their painting crew is highly skilled and qualified to do the job.


Exterior painting is a serious task that only professional painters and contractors should undertake. Whether you have a residential or commercial property, exterior painters should have the right skill set to achieve a fast and clean paint job. At Elite Finishing LLC, we have experienced painters to give you a timely and quality painting of your exterior walls. 

Maintaining a house can be a stressful experience. One should not have to worry about spending their precious free time sweating things like new paint jobs. We are there to help.


They employ local professional painters and take pride in selecting only the best painting contractors in Elite Finishing and the surrounding areas. Elite Finishing painters realizes not all painting crews are created equal. They indeed are a cut above the rest.


Whether someone is interested in building an addition to their home, or just looking to spruce up an existing structure, Elite Finishing Painters is a reliable and highly professional choice.

Elite Finishing LLC exterior painters from Westport, CT is a full-service painting company that offers everything from the initial estimate to the final walk-through. For interior painting, exterior painting, commercial painting, and cabinet painting services, we are your trusted source for all of your needs. We offer an industry-leading 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on our work because we take pride in what we do. To explore our works see our exterior painting portfolio.

Help to Increase Your Home Value

Our exterior house painters have the experience and know-how to suggest the type of painting design we best feel would work for your property. However, as this is your residence or place of business, we work with you to ensure your vision becomes a reality. A good exterior paint job can upgrade your house's appearance and increase its market value. Having people taking care of your exterior walls can also reveal small cracks and holes. These are spots that could potentially allow moisture and rainwater to penetrate your walls and destroy your insulation or other building parts over time. Painting your exterior walls with the right materials ensures your home's integrity for many years to come.

Protects Your Exterior Walls From Weather

Your exterior walls are always exposed to weather conditions. Winter could be harsh and leave its presence felt on your walls. Applying the most suitable exterior painting methods, you can be sure about protecting your premises from adverse weather conditions in the future. Your walls aren't safe either during summer. The heat from the sun can affect the walls by causing rapid expansion, which weakens the walls as a result. The rapid wall expansion could then lead to staining and peeling, weakening the wall further. However, a good layer of paint can protect your walls and increase their durability.

Increases the Siding Lifespan

Most constructors prefer to place siding on your exterior walls, especially when it's a commercial property. At Elite Finishing LLC, we have the right commercial exterior painters to offer you a thorough inspection and repair all visible damages. Your exterior siding may need a new primer layer and more protective paint to protect against weather conditions. Having professional painters look after your siding may increase its lifespan and improve working conditions inside the building.

Creates a Natural Moisture Block

Moisture can penetrate the interior of your building easier than you think. You will only be able to know about moisture when mold appears on your interior walls and ceilings. Our painters can scaffold the exterior part of your building and apply the right painting materials to seal all surfaces. This is a good way to have a moisture-free building, creating healthy conditions for people living and working inside.

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